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A message from the CEO

May 08, 2017

photo of CEO

Dear Members,  Friends and Family,     

I love farmers' markets.  I love local produce grown by local farmers.  I love going to local stores and purchasing from local people, like Greg at Slow Train coffee, Molly at Sage Roots and Mandy at Merryman Station.  I love local.  Which is why I love working for our members at Tucoemas, your truly local financial partner.  

At Tucoemas we believe being local means being better. We get to know you and your family, provide solutions for your needs, and keep your money here in our community, doing good things for good people. In 2017, we are launching our new look. We think its a true reflection of our valley roots, and exemplifies the bright future we're working toward for our members and our community. We will be working hard to improve our service, tailor our solutions and provide the kind of value that can only come from our local team working for our local members. At Tucoemas we often say, "bigger is not better, better is better," and we think working locally is better.  

Rising together, anything is possible...   

Brice A.Yocum 

CEO TUCOEMAS Federal Credit Union