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The Local Dollar 30/30/30 Challenge!

Jun 19, 2017


Vote now on our Facebook page through June 27th!

At Tucoemas,  we’re kicking off a new challenge to our staff and members.  It’s called the “30/30/30 Challenge.”  The idea is to encourage our staff and our community to spend 30% of their disposable income within 30 miles of their home for 30 days.  Research shows that if you simply spend your money with a local business, say BL Quality Meats, instead of a major chain, like Save Mart, that money is 200% more efficient!  That means it has 2x as much benefit for the local community: you, our members and our neighbors!  We’d like to focus on the value of keeping our money local, shopping with local merchants, and banking with your local credit union (that’s us btw)!

 So in order to get some buzz going, we’ve asked each branch to nominate their favorite local business.  It had to be owned locally, not a franchise, and in the communities we serve.  The business that gets the most votes will be presented with a small gift, and will be possibly featured in future social media productions. 

 This is your chance to show your love for a local business, and to get your family, friends and members to share their support too. 

 We hope each of you will look for new ways to spend locally during the challenge.  Please share your stories about your favorite local businesses on our Facebook page. 

 Local lifts the community!


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