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Off to college

Aug 01, 2017

back to school

Well, it’s that time of year again.  Families everywhere are preparing for the big send-off, young adults heading off to college.  Lots of choices have to be made: what bedding color for the dorm room? how many meals should I select on the meal plan? does Suzie get to take her car to college or should we grease up the old bicycle? are we turning her room into a yoga studio or a game room?… lots of decision to be made. 

For many of us, this is not the first time we’ve been through this process.  My wife and I are on our second go around, this time with our middle child, with one more on the horizon.  I recall the first time we sent our oldest off to college, and in all the choices we made, I hadn’t planned on having to pick a financial institution.  But a few weeks before she left, there we were scrambling to figure out where it would be best to open her checking account.  To make matters worse, she was leaving the state, which really narrowed our options.  But not this time! 

Tucoemas and the CO-OP have made our life so much easier.  This fall our daughter can keep her account here where her mother and I can help (college kids never need financial help, right?), and still have access to ATM’s at over 30,000 CO-OP branches around the country, for free.  Not only that, with our mobile app, she can make deposits right from her phone, even sitting in her dorm room studying all weekend long (isn’t that what they do?).  Add on a free checking account through Tucoemas’ Kasasa checking, and she can even be eligible to earn cash back on all those text book purchases.  It really couldn’t be easier.  So if you’re like us, and you’re wondering how to setup your college-bound child (or any child really), look no further than Tucoemas.  We go where you go!

Brice Yocum, Esq | CEO
Tucoemas Federal Credit Union