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Pathways to a Brighter Future

We’ll connect you with one of our Certified Financial Coaches for free! Our certified counselors will help you reduce debt, reduce payments, increase your savings, and build a personalized financial plan.

Heck, we’ll even help you start your nest egg with $400 for free if you stick with us for at least 4 months. That’s a pretty fancy egg, but you deserve it.


pathways image

  1. Complete the remote enrollment form at
  2. Schedule a phone or zoom meeting with one of our Personal Financial Coaches.
  3. Open a Free Kasasa Checking Account and agree to 3 basic financial goals to reduce debt, reduce payments, and increase savings.
  4. We’ll even help you start your nest egg with a small investment from Tucoemas!

If you have any questions, please contact

Lela Dancil at 559-563-2207 or [email protected]

Pathways information sheet (PDF)