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Skip-A-Pay Program

You deserve a break.

With Tucoemas Skip-A-Pay Program you can skip a Tucoemas loan payment(s)* anywhere, anytime*.

Eligible loan types:

  • New or used auto loans
  • Recreation loans
  • Motorcycle/ATV/personal watercraft loans
  • Signature loans
  • All other secured loans

How to skip?

  • Login to your online banking platform
    • On the left side dropdown menu, click "Payments"
    • Click "Skip a payment"
    • Select an eligible loan
  • Stop by a branch!
  • Call our loans team at (559) 732-8892

Questions or concerns?
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Terms and conditions
The following loan types are eligible for Skip-a-Pay: Recreation, Auto, Motorcycle, Signature and all other secured. Mortgages and Home Equity Loans, Credit Cards, Line of Credit do not qualify. You must meet the following criteria to be eligible for Skip-A-Pay: All credit union accounts must be current and in good standing; The loan(s) to be skipped must have been open for at least six months; Skip-A-Pay may not be used for consecutive months and is limited to one per calendar year, with no more than six during the life of the loan(s). Tucoemas Federal Credit Union reserves the right to decline any Skip-a-Pay request due to poor payment performance or any other circumstances we deem derogatory related to your account. If you have GAP or Warranty Coverage, skip-a-payment extensions may not be covered. Refer to your GAP or Warranty coverage for details.

You are responsible for stopping payments you generate (payments you set up with a bill payment service, payments initiated at another ­financial institution, etc.) for the month you enact Skip-A-Pay. Any automatic transfers generated at Tucoemas will be suspended for the Skip-A-Pay month. If your payment is made through payroll deduction, funds will remain in your account or, when received, will be deposited to your share savings account.