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The Importance of Sustainable Infrastructure

Apr 03, 2023

Our branch on Akers is one of only three LEED Gold Certified credit unions in California, and one of only 12 in the country. It uses less water, creates its own electricity, and was built using reclaimed and recycled materials.  The landscaping is native, we have bike racks for cyclists and plug-ins for electric vehicles.  We have two state-of-the-art training rooms that are available to the community, trees and a living wall in the entry for improved air and ambience, and a full-service Expresso bar for quick transactions and a delicious caramel latte (and yes… we know how to spell espresso).

By building sustainably, we can protect the natural resources and habitats that make our communities unique and special. Our goal was to build something beautiful that would delight our members, our staff and our community.  We wanted to make it a place that attracts people from the outside and embraces people on the inside. It's important to us that our team looks forward to coming to work, and our members to have a little thrill every time they enter.

Sustainable infrastructure can have a positive impact on our health by providing us with cleaner air, safer transportation options, and opportunities to be physically active. It can also help us become more resilient to the impacts of climate change and natural disasters, ensuring that we are better prepared to weather future challenges. 

Additionally, it can also bring financial benefits, such as lower utility bills and new jobs in industries like renewable energy and sustainable transportation. Sustainable infrastructure can attract new businesses and investment, which can lead to a more prosperous community. When we invest in sustainable infrastructure, we are investing in the well-being and future of our neighbors.

We care about our purpose, our people and our planet. So, stop by and let us know how we did… after all, we did it for you.

614 S. Akers St.
Visalia, CA 93277