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Tucoemas x CO2Action Update

Sep 15, 2023














At Tucoemas, we understand the significance of environmental impacts in Tulare County. Our region is rich in agricultural abundance and yet faces some of the harshest impacts of climate change. This leaves us wondering what the long-term effects of climate change will be on our already impoverished county. Water scarcity, water contamination, relentless heat, and dangerous air quality are just a few of the challenges we already experience. However, we hope that by addressing our own environmental impacts and promoting sustainable practices, we can contribute to a healthier future for Tulare County.

So, what are we doing? We believe that meaningful change is achieved through consistent and determined steps forward. Our mantra throughout this project with CO2Action has been "progress over perfection." We understand that we won't solve the climate crisis overnight, but we're committed to doing our part, no matter how small it may seem. And hey, maybe through this adventure we can inspire you to make some small changes too.  Every step matters.

Since we announced this project in May, we've been diligently collecting data from areas that contribute to our environmental impact. From natural gas to refrigerant use, purchased goods and services, transportation, waste—you name it, we've been diving deep into the numbers. With the help of CO2Action’s sustainability experts, we've been using this data to explore ways to change and minimize our environmental footprint.

As a credit union, we're humbled and honored to play a part in the fight against climate change. We recognize that our role might be modest, but we firmly believe that collective action can achieve something special. Together, let's cultivate a community that values and protects our precious resources and fosters resilience in the face of environmental adversity. We're more than just a credit union; we're a reliable partner on this journey toward a greener future.

We hope you join us in this endeavor and contribute your ideas and efforts. To spark inspiration, here are some ‘small’ yet impactful changes you can make in your everyday life that keep our environment in mind.

Conserve energy: Turn off lights and unplug electronics when not in use, switch to energy-efficient light bulbs, and make the most of natural light.

Save water: Practice water conservation by taking shorter showers, fixing leaks promptly, and using water-efficient appliances. Every drop counts!

Opt for sustainable transportation: Consider walking, carpooling, cycling, or using public transportation when feasible.

Embrace sustainable fashion: Support sustainable and ethical clothing brands, buy secondhand or vintage, and make garments last longer through proper care.

Minimize single-use plastics: Ditch disposable items like plastic bags, cutlery, and straws. Instead, opt for reusable alternatives such as cloth bags, stainless steel cutlery, and bamboo straws.