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Tucoemas x CO2Action Update: Our Journey Towards Net-Zero Operations

Sep 25, 2023

Climate change is a reality affecting us all, and we are fully committed to tackling this challenge. In recent months, Tucoemas has partnered closely with CO2Action to assess our carbon footprint and take decisive steps toward achieving a net-zero operational model.

Our journey commenced with a thorough evaluation of our operations. CO2Action meticulously collected and analyzed data to understand our total carbon emissions. This involved reviewing every facet of our operations, including energy consumption, transportation, waste management, and even our loan portfolio.

Why does addressing climate change matter to Tucoemas? Well, climate change impacts everyone, including our community in the Central Valley. Research shows that low-moderate income communities are even more severely impacted. Whether by devastating events like fires, floods, drought, and other threats, these impacts directly affect the heart of the valley: agriculture. Adverse effects on farming can result in job losses and other consequences for our friends and neighbors. This is why Tucoemas believes that as a cooperative financial institution, we must take the lead and mitigate our impact. 

The data collected and analyzed by CO2Action has culminated in a comprehensive report that outlines our current carbon footprint and offers valuable insights into how we can begin reducing it. This report serves as our roadmap toward achieving net-zero operations.

Tucoemas will continue integrating sustainability into our operations in the coming months, adapt to evolving financial landscapes, and strive toward a more sustainable and resilient future. We'll be sure to share our progress along the way.

We appreciate your support as we embark on this vital mission to combat climate change. Stay tuned for updates and more initiatives as we work towards a brighter, greener future!